Sickles High School Bands

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Concert Ensemble participation for wind/percussion students runs concurrently with marching band, however, there are no after school concert band rehearsals until after marching season is over.
The Sickles HS Concert Band is open to all students at Sickles HS. The band is divided into a woodwind class and a brass/percussion class. Concert attire for Concert Band is black dress pants/shirt/shoes/socks/belt. Ladies also have the option to purchase the black band dress. 

Membership in the Sickles Symphonic band is based on audition. The Symphonic Band consistently performs at all concert and music performance assessments.  Concert attire for Symphonic Band is black dress pants/shirt/shoes/socks/belt. Ladies also have the option to purchase the black band dress. 

The Sickles Wind Ensemble is the top-auditioned group of the Sickles Band Program. The Wind Ensemble performs the highest level of the concert band repertoire, and performs at several concerts and all Music Performance Assessments, both district and state level. Concert attire for Wind Ensemble is a black tuxedo for gentleman, and black band dress for ladies.


Students with interest in participating in the Sickles High School Jazz Program through auditions with the Band Director.  Jazz is an elective class at Sickles; all forms of jazz and all time periods are studied and performed.  In 2019, due to growing interest and student musician talent, the Sickles Jazz Program increased to over 40 students in two performing ensembles.

In addition to performing at school concerts and in the local community, the Jazz Ensembles participate in a music performance assessment (MPA) successfully at the District and State level.  For smaller community venues, a Jazz Combo is also available to perform.  Performance dress for student musicians in jazz consists of all black; black shirt, socks, pants, belt, shoes, and a green uniform tie provided by the school.  There is also a green SHS Jazz Polo worn for some outdoor venues.  Ties and polo shirts are provided through a nominal class fee for supplies.

The SHS Jazz Ensemble was honored to play in Jackson Square in New Orleans, the iconic Daytona Beach Bandstand, and for the Hillsborough County School Board.  Always a treat to hear and with a strong community following; local community performances have included the holiday stage at Chick Fil A on Waters Avenue, Arbor Terrace Senior Living, Westfield Mall at Citrus Park, and more.


  • Will I be able to fit band into my schedule with all of the requirements to graduate?
YES! Participation in one year of band fulfills the one-year Fine Arts credit required for graduation.  Sickles High School is on a 7 period day, and 3 of these classes are electives your first year. Additionally, summer school and Florida Virtual School (online classes) help our students fit in even more electives to there schedule There will be no problem with fitting band into your schedule!

  • Band takes up a lot of my time…how will I get my homework and studying done?
If the 200 students of the SHS Band Program can do it, you can too!  Many students in the band are at the top of their class, and most take multiple Advanced Placement courses.  Being in band help our students with time management.  The marching band rehearses only two days a week (Tuesday & Thursday 4pm-7pm) up until the end of October.  From 3pm-4pm the band room is turned into a study hall where students can work on their homework and/or go to after school tutoring or ELP programs.  During the spring semester students generally only rehearse once a week after school (with many weeks not rehearsing at all after school.)  These times can be found on the band website.

  • I play a sport…Can I be in band too?
Yes.  Sometimes schedules will need to be worked out, but it is possible.  We have students that participate in just about every sports program offered at Sickles.  Students also participate in ROTC.  Band students are given a calendar at the beginning of the year with all of the rehearsal dates, which can also be found on charms and  Occasionally dates are added, but generally students will receive at least a two weeks notice.  If you plan to participate in a sport, it is your responsibility to speak with Mr. Griffis and your coach to work out the rehearsal schedule.  

  • I have never marched in my life…I don’t think I can do it…
There are many past 8th graders who asked themselves the same question, but tried it and were glad they did.  These skills are taught during band camp, and each year our freshman and new students are able to learning these new skills in no time!During that time we will also teach you marching and advanced playing fundamentals as you learn music for the fall, get issued a uniform, and make over a hundred friends before school even starts.If you have a positive attitude and are willing to learn, you will do great!

  • I did band in middle school and am tired of it; I think I want to quit…
After investing all of your time in middle school, you are now getting to the point where you have acquired lots of skills on your instrument. Do not drop out now when you are on the threshold of getting the most out of it and enjoying it to the fullest. By the end of their senior year, band students are able to show their college, university, or employer that the have a demonstrable 7 years of commitment, dedication, and achievement in one subject in additional to everything else- not just little bits of activities here and there like most other applicants.  In many ways, band students are able to set themselves apart in ways that no one else can. At the very least, you must try it to see!