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May 3, 2020

Hello Sickles Band Family!

I trust this email finds all of our band families safe and doing well in what has been a long and challenging COVID-19 confinement.

Your Band Boosters would like to update you on a few initiatives because, the show will eventually go on in although it may be different than what we’ve come to expect, and when it does, we will be ready together as we always are.

First, congratulations to our band seniors – the Class of 2020. We have not forgotten you and just like the school is planning graduation and other things, we are planning to celebrate our seniors this summer with their own special event. As with so many plans nowadays, we have to “wait and see” on those exact details but stay posted.

Next, we look forward to hosting our virtual 2020 band banquet in May. Special thanks to Manny Perotin and Lori Anderson for assembling and mass producing our multi-media extravaganza, which I think you will enjoy. More details to be released on that from Mr. Griffis soon.

We are very pleased this year to fund all of our Booster senior scholarships thanks to the efforts of Fundraising in spite of the cancellation of our Spring fundraising plans. Thank you to all the parent volunteers who contributed to fundraising in some way this year. So many of you volunteered creatively, donated cash and goods, and in many ways kept the momentum going. Your generosity and time have been beyond any previous years. In fact, your contributions had a significant impact in supporting the program with, in addition to scholarships, the purchase of new instruments, music, stand holders, and other equipment to the delight of our students and Mr. Griffis.

I also want to sincerely thank all of our band families for volunteering in general. This year we have had more “help” than ever and in more unique ways. Our band families have been unprecedented in their willingness to do anything and everything it takes to support our student musicians, the band program, and our extraordinary Band Director. It’s special; it’s fun, it’s once in a lifetime for us as well as the students and I hope even more of you will swell our ranks in the upcoming season.

In light of our circumstances, we will not have another general Booster meeting this year and will retain the current executive board for the 2020-2021 band season. We have decided to expand and include our key chair positions for a full booster board next year. If you are interested in a position for the upcoming year; please contact me. We need your time, talent, and treasure and are grateful for the expertise you bring us. A full list of volunteer and in kind needs will be posted in the future.

I want to thank the other members of our Executive Board; Caroline Goodrich, Vice President, Chris Wilson, Secretary, and Ginny Thomas, Treasurer, who have supported our band with integrity, professionalism, and sincerity. We have had an unusually strong and productive collaboration.

I would also like to thank Jen Lingo, our Hospitality Chair, who raised the bar so high this year and did a wonderful job. We are delighted she will be staying on with us for the upcoming year. In addition, we thank Maribel Perotin who will also be staying on as our intrepid and hardworking Uniform and Caring Closet Chair, and Maralijn Robertson for offering to be our Volunteer and CHARMS Chair.

It has been my pleasure to serve as your Band Booster President. It is humbling to see how hard this band works and how enormously talented they are. I know all of us are involved because of the kids and this investment in them may last a lifetime.

Enjoy your summer while staying safe.

Yours in Service,

Nicole Byrnes

Sickles Band Boosters

March 1, 2019

Hello SHS Band Family:

Happy Spring!

As we are now fully immersed in Concert Season, I would like to reflect on our highly successful 2018 Marching Band Season and to thank everyone who helped out in any way.  Thank you to all parents/supporters who volunteered their time, talent, and treasure for the busy but exciting first half of the year with the SHS Wall of Sound; contributing to our collective accomplishments.

Extra special thanks to these leaders: 
Joyce Jones for her hard work in the uniform room; organizing us and “keeping up appearances”, Toks Adeniji for a great Hospitality program; thank you for your final year of service, and to Kip House for his dedication in making sure our kids had the support of the Dad’s Crew; getting our equipment and supplies everywhere they needed to be.  They couldn’t do it without all of your contributions so thank you, thank you, thank you.  Whether you cooked, cleaned, helped raise funds, drove students, filled your trunk with supplies – it all mattered and is all appreciated.  If you haven’t had an opportunity to join us in any way yet, consider it for Spring.  There are lots of ways to become plugged in to one of the best experiences your student musician will ever have.

We have also been more successful with fundraising this year and I would like to thank Caroline Goodrich for bringing many new performance-based initiatives to the plan for our band.  See attached list for just some of what is coming up in the next few months.

As we continue into concert band season, our band trip, and more, we will still need your continuous support and volunteerism. As needs arise, we will send out emails and post needs on CHARMS.

Thank you again.  Your investment – in whatever way you can - in this band program and our 240 talented and hard-working student musicians is enriching their lives in a way they will remember always. 

March is National Music In Our Schools Month; this would be an ideal time to support us with a sponsorship from your business, an offer to volunteer to chair an activity next year, to donate goods or services, or to suggest your own unique way to help.  We are open to a discussion with anyone and look forward to hearing from you.  You may always contact me at or 813.494.6677.

Yours in support of music education,

Nicole Byrnes

SHS Band Boosters 2018-2019

August 2018

Hello Wall of Sound Parents, 

Welcome or welcome back to the 2018-2019 school year at Sickles High School! I hope everyone in our band family enjoyed the summer and is anticipating another awesome year for the Sickles Bands, including the always exciting Marching Wall of Sound season; kicking off this month. 

As we begin our marching band season, we will have many varied opportunities for parents and students to volunteer in support of their band. For those of you new to band, all volunteer positions are posted and updated regularly on Charms, our cloud-based music education communication and management software. Check it often; there are spots awaiting your participation now. A special thank you to those parents who have already signed up to help out. 

With the start of Marching Band Camp, you will have the chance to complete early registration prior to the band kick-off event. Band student information packets will be handed out the morning of August 3rd at drop off. In addition, there will be volunteers in the band room on August 6th from 3:30 – 4:30 pm and 7:00 – 8:00 collecting packets, answering questions, and providing notary services if needed. 

Please check out our newly redesigned website at You will find all the information needed for band as well as links to Charms, our Facebook page, our Shutterfly site, the Apparel Store, lists of donation opportunities/need, our publicity archives, and other useful information. It is a work in progress and will continue to become more robust as the year continues. 

With some items, such as bottled water, there is an ongoing, year round need. We are currently in need of soda (cans), Gatorade, and small water bottles. Donations may be dropped off in the band room at any time. 

You are invited to our first SHS Band Booster meeting on Thursday, August 23rd at 7:00 in the band room. If you have any suggestions for us about anything; we welcome and encourage your feedback and participation. Nothing makes our band booster program stronger than the collective time, talent, and treasure of everyone involved. 

I am looking forward to another spectacular year of music supporting our student musicians as well as Mr. Griffis and his teaching team. 

In band service, 
Nicole Nicole Byrnes President, 
SHS Wall of Sound Band Boosters
April 5, 2018 

Dear SHS Wall of Sound Parents: 

It is hard to believe how time has flown by this year; there are only a few months left. I want to sincerely offer a THANK YOU for what so many of you have done to support our Band and Sensations throughout an extraordinarily successful year. You have prepared food, chaperoned, fundraised, served and cleaned up after pot lucks, worked in concessions, hauled equipment – and done a million other volunteer tasks – small and large, throughout the year. You can clearly see, it really does “take a village” to make all of this happen and we could not have done it without your participation and inspiration. 

I’d like to send a big Wall of Sound heartfelt THANK YOU to our current and outgoing Band Booster Board. They and their graduating seniors will be greatly missed. Best wishes to everyone moving on. 

President - Mike LaMonte 
Vice President - Joyce Scott 
Treasurer - Sue Schmidt 
Secretary - Roxanne Malin 

I’d like to introduce the Executive Board of the SHS Band Boosters for the 2018-2019 school year: 

President – Nicole Byrnes
Vice President – Charmaine House 
Treasurer – Barbara Brockland 
Secretary – Lori Anderson 
Stay tuned for more updates. 

We are hoping to include more of you in key roles moving forward as the size of our band expands and our support for it increases. We will have a variety of volunteer positions and descriptions of positions posted soon for your review. Our goal is to have most of these positions filled, prepared, and ready to go when the season starts. 

Again, thank you. Your time, positive energy, talent, and donations make all the difference for our award winning band program and outstanding Director, Mr. Keith Griffis. It is also a pleasure to support your student musicians; they are the finest example of what’s right with teenagers today. 

I am looking forward to another fantastic year in music 2018-2019. 

In band service,
Nicole Nicole Byrnes Incoming President 
SHS Wall of Sound Band Boosters