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Honoring Current and Past Band Members - Engraved Bricks

Attention Parents and WOS supporters, 

We invite you to purchase an engraved, personalized brick, in honor of your Sickles High School band student (past or present). A gift that will highlight their musical accomplishments, leadership, or show class spirit. 

The 4" x 8" engraved bricks will be placed on the existing 4’x21’ wall located outside the band room. These brick pavers make excellent holiday gifts or graduation presents, and the sentimentality will last for years to come. Being a member of the Wall of Sound will forever be a fond memory for your child to reminisce upon. What better way to cement their musical legacy than with a personalized gift that can stand the test of time.

Ordering Options:  Manual Form and FAQs  or Online Ordering.

Join us in celebrating your student's successes and triumphs during their time with the Wall of Sound.


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