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Band Boosters & Volunteering

The Sickles High School Band Boosters is a registered non-profit 501(c)3 corporation that exists to support the financial operations of the bands of Sickles High School, to maintain an enthusiastic interest in all phases of the band program, to promote the band in the community and to support and cooperate with the objectives of its Band Director(s).


It is comprised of family members, alumni, and vendors who want to support the Sickles Band program. There is no fee associated with becoming an active member of the Booster organization. Band Boosters are needed to assist and support the Director(s) with many tasks throughout the year, not just marching band. Being a part of this organization is a great opportunity to take part in your child’s secondary musical education and watch them grow individually and as a musical ensemble.


Every member of the Boosters can participate and help – there is always something to do. Parent Band Booster meetings are typically held at the school once a semester in the evening. All band family members are invited as upcoming activities, fundraisers, and events are covered and reviewed. Additionally, the Board will meet once a quarter to strategize and plan events, promotions, and fundraising for the upcoming months. Programs, events, important information, and volunteering needs are communicated regularly to band parents through Director’s updates, Cut Time board emails and texts, and our social media platforms. The full band calendar is available on the Cut Time platform and the band website. Sign up and subscribe, and you will always be in the know.


If you have questions about being a part of this awesome organization, don’t hesitate to ask any “veteran” band parent or Sickles High School Band Booster (SHSBB) Executive Board member. Remember, every veteran was once a new band parent, and they would be more than happy to help you and your child succeed as a member of the Sickles High School Band Program.

We Love Our Volunteers

The success of the Sickles High School Band program depends on the support of parents and family members of our student musicians. Our number one goal is to provide the best music program with enriching experiences for our students, and we need active support and participation from every family to achieve this. Volunteering benefits your student and is a great way to meet other parents, learn more about the program, and be part of an organization where your students are involved.


Volunteering is not just for parents or guardians; we also welcome and encourage extended family members like grandparents, aunts, and uncles to participate. Volunteers of all skill levels and variety are needed and welcomed. If you are unsure where or how your time and skills can be used to benefit the program, don’t hesitate to contact a member of the board. They will be more than happy to help you find the right niche to actively support your student and the band.


The first step to becoming a volunteer with the Sickles High School Bands is to complete a Hillsborough County School District volunteer application.


Your application submits you to a background check in compliance with the Jessica Lunsford Act. Level 1 volunteers who have passed the entry-level application process can volunteer at all single-day school-sponsored band events. Any volunteer wishing to participate as a chaperone for events requiring an overnight stay must be approved as Level 2, which requires additional screening, including fingerprinting. The Hillsborough County volunteer website will provide additional information regarding those requirements and next steps.


General Roles of Leadership Positions & Committee Chairs




To carry out the mission of the SHSBB by setting agendas, running meetings, interfacing with the Director(s), motivating others, and ultimately in charge of making sure everything is being handled by chairs and committees. The President also recruits to fill positions for the following year and supports and supervises board members, committees, and parent booster volunteers.



Assists the president with any supervisory and supporting duties or tasks as needed. Trains and shadows the president to learn and execute all required responsibilities in order to assume the role of board president in the upcoming school year.


Provides additional support, best bets, strategies, and reinforcement to the sitting president and board. Acts in an advisory capacity as available.


Vice President of Fundraising

Coordinates and oversees all fundraising opportunities for the band program. Expands and develops community involvement and support through sponsorships and donations. Coordinates with the board to execute fundraising opportunities that provide the program with a sustainable budget and expenditure output to provide an exceptional music program for students.



Records all communications during board meetings and acts as sole record keeper for the board and booster program. Updates and expands by-laws as needed. Completes administrative tasks as needed and supports all facets of the band program.



Facilitates and executes all financial aspects of the band booster program, including budget planning, monitoring, and updating student financial accounts. Ensuring compliance and renewal of all district-required licenses and insurance coverages.

Chief Strategy Officer

Helps shape and drive strategy to accomplish and execute the mission of the SHSBB—aids all members of the executive team as a fill-in-as-needed position. Works with committee chairs and board members in the execution of events and activities to support the band program.


Awards Chair:

Prepares certificates and envelopes for the band banquet.


Banquet Chair:

In charge of banquet, decorations & food etc., and will put together a team to execute the setup and tear down of the banquet and facility.


Band Camp Coordinator:

Will act as senior lead during band camp, monitoring all aspects of the band camp process. This includes volunteer needs and positioning, uniform fitting, and Cut Time registration. Will fill in as needed to ensure camp runs smoothly, and all objectives are accomplished on time.


Bleachers Lead:

The lead will work with weekly volunteers to section off stands for the marching band. Ensure that coolers, snacks, and the first aid kit are prepped for the game.


 Bus Chaperone Committee Lead:

To prepare the student rosters for each bus for away games & events.  Coordinate a minimum of one volunteer per bus for the games and events.


Cut Time / Volunteer Coordinator:

Keep parent and student information up to date in Cut Time, add volunteer needs for games and events, and update the calendar in Cut Time. Coordinate with other chairs to provide registered volunteer rosters as needed for events.


Donut Day Committee Lead:

Organize and execute quarterly donut day fundraiser. Will coordinate with vendor to secure product, work with Cut Time coordinator to source volunteers, and supervise the day of the fundraiser.


Equipment/Transportation Managers:

Load, unload, and transport equipment along with student leadership.


Hospitality/Concessions Chair:

Plan and oversee all feeding functions, and ensure food and volunteer staffing for events, concessions, concert receptions, and all game days for Wall of Sound students. Maintain band room microwaves for students.


Jazz Parents Support Team:

Provides support for jazz band performances, transportation of equipment, help with uniforms – laundering of ties, fundraising, etc. – anything and everything needed specifically for the jazz program.


Parking Lead:

Will supervise and execute football parking fundraiser. Will work with Cut Time Coordinator to source volunteers and with the Treasurer to get sufficient money for change. Will return all proceeds to the band room for pick up by the Treasurer.


Performance Logistics Chair:

In charge of programs, decorations, and basic logistics associated with performances and concerts.



Takes photos at band events, assisting the videographer and banquet coordinator with the banquet slideshow. The Photographer will coordinate with the Social Media Coordinator in posting uplifting positive media to the bands various platforms. Photographers must have their own equipment and be able to edit photographs and post to social media.


Media/Videographer/Multi-Media Team Chair:

With own equipment, be able to video events and performances for end-of-the-year presentations.  Create end of year slideshow for band awards banquet incorporating videos and photos ensuring each member of the band has been photographed and represented.


Senior Night Committee Lead:

The Senior Night committee lead will organize and plan senior night events and dinner. Work with board and other necessary committee chairs to communicate, source, and decorate. Lead will also put together a team of lower classman parent volunteers to help.


Social Media Coordinator:

Develops a social media posting calendar. Create and schedule posts to various social media platforms. Coordinate with Directors and Board to boost the social media presence for the band program to boost participation, support, and fundraising.


Uniform Room Coordinator:

Assist with fitting, distribution, and maintenance of uniforms and related supplies, uniform room orderliness and cleanliness, Sickles High School Band Caring Closet, solicitation of Caring Closet donations and distribution of items, maintenance, and promotion of the needs list for uniform room specifics as well as notifying Directors and Board President of any problems associated with rental or internal use of the uniform room.


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